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About Nathan Dean & The Damn Band

It’s been a long journey for four guys from different parts of the midwest, but every mile logged is just another step closer to the one common goal. Bringing the music and the passion to as many people as possible. After almost six years with 200+ shows annually their persistence is obvious and the fan base is growing to show it. When Nathan Dean and the Damn Band hit the road in June of 2008 to promote their first studio album “She Don’t Know”, they had no idea that the tour would never end. And so the Damn Tour was born and continues to thrive. Playing huge clubs in big city markets such as, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago and L.A. As well as tiny, intimate venues all across the nation. From back yard parties, to Country Thunder, to rodeos in North Dakota, to Chris Ledoux days in Wyoming. If there is a place to spread the music, they will stop and play.


Attracted to the powerful live sound and let’s have another round atmosphere there’s no doubt that this band is here to party and will always be the last one standing. With radio play from Arizona to Texas and all the way up into Illinois the audience is listening and they want to come to the after party too!

Did you know?
  • Nathan Dean has radio play from Arizona to Texas, and all the way up into Illinois !

  • Nathan Dean, although known for his band, can also play solo events! 

Son Of A Gun - Nathan Dean
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The Introduction - Nathan Dean
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After Party - Nathan Dean
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